Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

We are Canada's Rohloff service partner and distributor, wheel building and custom builds for riders needing an extra hand or advice.  We have an extensive supply of Rohloff parts on hand to keep your Rohloff on the road and or in the trails.  We're very flexible and work one on one with each and everyone of our customers.  We strive to provide the best possible service and hope to offer a unique experience to get you the bike you're looking for.  We invite you to email us at info@spokewrench.com to find out more about and what we can do. 

Why Rohloff?

We can't help but sound biased here but IGH (internal geared hubs) just make sense in so many applications that it's no wonder it has always been so popular amongst riders.  Commuting, fatbikes, touring bikes, custom bikes, and the list goes on where IGHs make more sense than the derailleur system.  The industry's move to 1x11 drivetrain simply goes further to prove that riders want simplier no duplicate gearing than in the past.  But the Rohloff hub has 14 gears, evenly spaced and a wider range.  There are other IGHs but they don't have the torque capability or the durability that Rohloff offers.  Rohloff hubs are sealed from the elements unlike the derailleur system.  Belt drive is possible only with IGHs and that's something that will likely never change.  Belt drive has brought the imagination of riders and frame builders alike to IGHs like never before and there is good reason for that.  We see more and more belt driven bikes at the Intebike every year and Rohloff hubs are behind many of those bikes.  It's never been a better time to give IGHs a try and we think you'll never go back.


Nothing is perfect out there so there are some things to consider when going with an IGH such as Rohloff.  One is there is very little maintenance so if you are the type that likes to fiddle with shifting and replacing cables and tweaking the drivetrain, this is not for you.  If you are someone that likes to change the drivetrain every other year, this is not for you.  Also the Rohloff is either 135mm or 170mm (XL) wide and uses a 10mm quick release or bolt on so is not compatible with the 140mm, 15mm thru axle/rear dropout spacing that the mountain bike industry has adopted so retrofitting new modern bikes is likely not possible.  The flip side to that is many new modern frames are using Rohloff hubs as OEM so that is not a problem of course. 

Can I service my Rohloff hub?

The nice thing about the hub is that there really isn't that much to service and really only requires an oil change twice a year depending on mileage and weather conditions/temperatures.  You or your local bike shop can do the oil change and is very straight forward.  For anything more complicated, you would need specialized tools and the wheel can be sent to us and we'll take care of it and send it back to you. 

All right, I like what I see and would like to place an order.  How do I do it?

Excellent.  Simply email us and we'll get back to you with a quote and availability.  We have a lot of Rohloff specific parts on hand so wait times are very minimal if any.  Email us and we'll do our best to help.

I don't see a shopping cart or prices.  How do I know how much things are?

Email us and we will get you a quote ASAP.  We work with both shops and riders alike so don't hesitate to contact us.

How do you ship?  How much is shipping?

We ship Canada Post Expedited.  It's a service designed for small businesses such as ourselves offering tracking service, quick delivery and minimal cost.  We charge what it cost us to ship the item out so there is no additional fixed cost involved.

What payment do you accept?  Do you accept credit card?

We accept cheques, cash (not through mail) and money orders.  We accept Paypal and our credit transactions are processed through Paypal.  You do not need an account with Paypal to send us money, just an email address and a credit card. 

I have other questions not on the FAQ

No problem.  Just email us at info@spokewrench.com and we'll be happy to answer them for you.  We answer all our emails within a day, sometimes even within hours so don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions.