Fatbike Rohloff Trike
Surly Moonlander Rohloff Build

Surly Moonlander Rohloff

Surly has to be one of the most innovative companies in the cycling industry.  Fatbikes, big wheels, large tires, on and on.  


They have a dedicated Rohloff mounting slot on some of their frames because they understand their customers and know what they use their bikes for.  Their customers ride; a lot. And they ride everywhere and anywhere all over the planet.   Their frames run full length cabling, multiple water bottle mounts, threaded holes for racks, fenders and trailer mounting nuts.  Pretty much ready for anything.

For an upcoming project, we're converting a Moonlander to use a Rohloff hub.  This earlier frame doesn't have a Rohloff dedicated  mounting slot but we think we can still do it with either the Speedbone or the Monkey bone.  It's something we'll try out and see which is the best option.  In any case, we think it'll be really cool and looking forward to putting it all together.  

Stay Tuned!




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