Surly Moonlander Rohloff
Surly Moonlander Rohloff Build

Surly Moonlander Rohloff Build

It's done!  The conversion is complete (minus the cranks).  The offset of the rear hub still makes me do a double take but it works. 

For the wheel, we used a 203mm Monkey bone rather than the Speedbone that Surly's article recommended that I'm sure others will reference when they do their search.  With the OEM2\Monkey bone combination, we were able to set it up so that we can move the hub back and forth to be able to serve a few purposes.

  • Chain tensioning
  • Wheel removal
  • Chain stretch

We were also able to remove the rear wheel without having to loosen the rear caliper which to me is a big plus compared to using the Speedbone.  Also we used a TS hub rather than a CC hub since it's a horizontal dropout and the locknut provides a nice secure method to tighten down the wheel.  Another thing we've used in the past that works very well for horizontal dropouts is Surly's Tugnut.  It provides a great way to tension the wheel precisely and securely.  We may install one on the right dropout. 

However Surly's article is extremely important in that they are approving the use of the disc tab as a fixing point for the hub.  It's important to get the frame vendor approval before the use of the OEM2/Monkey bone solution.  It's a much cleaner setup than the standard torque arm fixed to the chain stay as you can see below in the pictures. 



Still a few things to clean up, cable routing etc.  Install Race Face Turbine Fatbike Cinch cranks to get the proper chainline, install rim tape, tire and we're all good to go.  Pics of final build to come, stay tuned!  As usual, if you have any questions regarding setup and configuration when it comes Rohloff, feel free to email us!



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