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May 03, 2005


Mike Tierney

Moots Ti Beam Stem

The Ti Beam Mountain stem is another work of art from Moots. It comes in five lengths with limited options of rise (6 degrees, and 10 reserved for the long 130mm version) but Moots offers custom geometry for a $50 upcharge. The welds and finish on the stem are done to the usual Moots standard and are to be expected on a stem that's about 3x the cost of a Thomson. Here again, this part will appeal to the person who insists on the best and is willing and able to pay for it.

The Ti Beam boasts a CNC'd cast aluminum removable twin-bolt face plate for ease of bar changes and the overall visual effect of the stem is stunning due to the massive ovalized tubing and the perfect welds. Double bolts clamp your steerer securely and I'll assume this feature will prove more efficient and lighter than other makers' cams and wedges. Sometimes the simple things are simply the best.

Here again if I raved on and on about the ride characteristics of this stem (Oh wow it's sooo stiff yet verrrry forgiving!) you'd see through me like five year old cheap shorts. A stem's basic function is to connect your bars to the steerer and most stems perform this function acceptably well. But.....none of them look as good as the Moots while they're doing it!

Many thanks Alan!

Mike T.


We fell in love with this stem the first time we saw it at the Interbike show a couple years ago. Now we have it installed on our road and mountain bikes. What can we say? It's a stem and it works. There are cheaper stems on the market and they work perfectly fine as well. But nothing out there looks like a Moots Ti-Beam ;)

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